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‘You got the wrong address don’t shoot my daughter’ | Officers shot after search warrant mistake

"That individual acted to protect himself and his daughter from what he believed to be a threat of home invasion," Chief Hank Stawinski said.

DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Md. -- Two Prince George’s police officers were shot Tuesday after a search warrant mistake.

Around 10:30 p.m., two officers were knocking on an apartment door in the 2700 block of Lorring Drive to issue a drug search warrant.

According to police, a man and his daughter were inside the apartment and did not hear anything.

“He did not know there were police officers attempting to enter his apartment,” Chief Hank Stawinski said.

When no one responded, the officers began to use a tool to open the door. That is when the man armed himself with a gun and told his daughter to go to the back of the house to keep her safe, police said.

“That individual acted to protect himself and his daughter from what he believed to be a threat of home invasion,” Chief Stawinski said.

When the door opened, police said the man fired one shot. One officer was hit in the hand and arm and the other officer was hit in the shoulder. The point person on the team fired one round at the man, but it did not hit that person.

“As that door now opens, he realizes now that those are police officers,” Chief Stawinski said. “He immediately drops that weapon, he immediately goes to the window and starts communicating, ‘you got the wrong address don’t shoot my daughter’.”

The tactical medic immediately began treating the injured officers while the rest of the team entered the apartment and took the man into custody.

After interviewing the man and his daughter, officials decided the man would not be charged.

“It would be inappropriate to hold this gentleman criminally responsible for his actions,” Chief Stawinski said.

During their investigation, police said that they were made aware of an individual that was selling drugs in the community from a confidential informant.

“As we began that investigation, it led us to identify an address where we served the search warrant. However, the investigation led us to the wrong address.”

One of the two wounded officers was treated and released from the hospital. The second officer is still in the hospital undergoing treatment for an injury to the arm and face.

The identities of the officers have not been released. Both are assigned to the Special Operations Division.

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