OCEAN CITY, MD -- Lifeguards at Ocean City Beach are warning beach goers about an important beach hazard: rip currents.

The warning came after at least 141 people were rescued from rip currents on Monday, according to CBS Baltimore.

Ocean City Beach lifeguards posted an instructional video on Twitter that advises swimmers to listen for the lifeguard's whistle, because the lifeguard may be directing them away from a rip current.

Rip current conditions will continue throughout the week as Hurricane Chris forms off the East Coast.

Chief Meteorologist Topper Shutt said rip currents move from land toward the ocean.

"These currents are not very wide, usually between 30 and 100 feet, but can be deadly if someone tries to swim against them," he said. "Even the best swimmers cannot fight these rip currents."

Topper provided the following tips for surviving a rip current:

  • Do not panic
  • Swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the rip current
  • Turn to the shore and swim back to land

He also suggested to do the following before entering the ocean:

  • Make sure you are allowed to go into the ocean
  • Look around and identify rip currents
  • Talk with the lifeguard to identify water conditions