Statewide, Maryland averaged 54-percent turnout among registered voters during the 2016 Presidential Election – with not a single county hitting 70 percent participation. With 2018 being one of the most anticipated midterm elections in a generation, see where turnout was highest – and lowest – in cities and counties across the state.


Explore the map below to see turnout data for Maryland from the 2016 Presidential Election and 2018 Midterm Election. Counties will be color-coded by voter turnout rate as election results come in:

Maryland saw a modest increase in voter turnout, with counties seeing at least a 5-point jump in turnout among registered voters. Even the city of Baltimore, which trailed the rest of the state at 43 percent voter turnout, saw its participation increase from 2014's rate of 37 percent.

Use the map below to see the increase in turnout in Maryland's counties compared to the 2014 midterms:

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