WUSA9’s favorite family welcomed their new additions to the family. The Tolbert triplets were born early Tuesday morning, January 30th at Anne Arundel Medical Center.

The Maryland couple shared their news and their daughters’ first photo (courtesy @NCeePhotography) with WUSA9. Mackenzie (in purple), Bailey (in green) and Zuri (in peach) were born 2 minutes apart about 4 pounds each.

They were born early Tuesday morning by the doctor who delivered their twins, now 2 year old big brothers Riley and Alexander. Doctor Paul Rogers with the obstetrics and gynecology department of Anne Arundel Medical Center said the whole hospital staff is at awe with the 28 year old mom.

“They are all rooting for her and they’re so amazed that she is coming down and breast feeding her children all three of them,” Dr. Rogers said.

Nia carried her triplets for nearly 35 weeks. That’s 2-4 weeks longer than most multiples but earlier than the couple expected.

“She had an appointment Monday and they said ‘oh you’re good to go. February 9th is the date, you’ll have no issues until then,” dad Rob recalled. But the girls had other plans and after overnight contractions they born via C-section Tuesday morning. The girls are yet to meet their big brothers, Riley, Zander and 6 year old Shai but dad said when he laid eyes on his girls for the first time, “I have no idea how to describe it, but you can just feel the connection. It was just a wonderful feeling,” he recalled as his wife gushed beside him, “aww you’re so cute,” said Nia.

The Tolberts are so in love with their growing family and all the noise and diapers that come with it. We got just a glimpse when we celebrated the holidays with them and the huge diaper delivery from all you, our WUSA9 viewers.

“You just enjoy the ride, that’s what we try to do every day,” said Nia. “And pretty soon they’ll be helping us with all the things we need help with,” laughed her husband Rob. Mom is learning to enjoy the rare, quiet moments wherever she can get them even if it’s in the operating room, shortly after delivery. “I was like I feel amazing because I was alone. You were gone with the babies and I was alone, thinking back in retrospect I haven’t been alone, I mean alone in a really long time,” she recalled, “it was amazing!”

But she won’t be alone for long. The triplets have made an amazing recovery in the NICU and are strong enough to go home this weekend. So what’s the plan? “We have grandmothers and siblings and friends and neighbors. I’m not concerned,” said Nia, “there’s no real plan. I don’t think there’s ever been a plan.”

“God chose us to do so,” said Rob, “we didn’t know this was going to be our lives but we will embrace it wholeheartedly and we’re going to make sure our children are equally loved and brought up the right way in our household. We’re ready for the journey.”