WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A heart-warming story about a lost stuffed bunny, a four-year-old girl, and a local blog is bringing a community together.

It all started when blogger Drew Schneider was walking into the Safeway on Georgia Avenue, when he saw a shabby-looking stuffed bunny sitting on top of a trash can.

"There's something sweet and sad about a lost doll," he said. "And I thought, I'm just going to share this with the audience."

Schneider took the photo, and posted it on his blog, Petworth News. No more than 20 minutes later he said he received a frantic message.

"One of my readers saw it on Facebook," he said. "And said 'Oh My God! It's Bun Bun.'"

That reader than reached out to the Videnieks family, where four-year-old Linden was without her pal. The young girl said that the stuffed animal, known as Bun Bun, was her "best friend."

"He hops all through the house," said Linden.

Linden's father Markus said that he was sure Bun Bun was gone forever.

"A little part of me was worried," he said. "Got to be honest with you. Big part of me."

Things started to look up when the family received word of the posting on Petworth News. Markus went on a quest to Safeway to find the lost bunny. After looking everywhere, a staff member literally dug through the trash to find it.

"He emerged victorious about five minutes later with a Bun Bun," he said. "Who I've got to admit, at that point was wet from God-knows-what they process the trash in. It was not the cleanest shape this guy's ever been in."

After a cycle in the wash, raggedy Bun Bun was delivered home, to the arms of it's loving owner.

"Doing something that makes a four-year old happy," said Schneider. "Will be one of the best things the blogs ever accomplished."

Bun Bun has now been placed on house-arrest by mom and dad, so that he'll never get lost again.