It's amazing what we can do through technology these days.

Some local math and engineering students have accomplished something particularly groundbreaking.

No, they haven't found a cure to a disease or figured out a solution for world peace, but what they did is pretty entertaining. They figured out a way to allow guinea pigs to tweet.

Instead of students sitting at their desks listening to a lecture, teachers at Ideaventions Academy, a specialized STEM school in Reston, wanted to find a really fun and interesting way to teach kids about computer programming.

After all, that's a field where you'll find top STEM jobs. Studies also show that students retain more information with hands-on activities.

At the school, students built a computer and using censors, they figured out a way to make guinea pigs tweet randomized messages, when they are eating, sleeping, and moving.

Teachers say they want this activity to encourage students to think big.

They say maybe there's a way for a computer to figure out what a baby wants when it's crying, and tweet it to mom and dad for example.

Teachers and students say with knowledge of computers and coding, the possibilities are endless.

To check out the guinea pigs’ twitter page, click here:

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