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Another woman died at same Caribbean resort just five days before Prince George's couple's mysterious deaths

Miranda Schaupp-Werner collapsed and died after getting a drink from the mini-bar. Nathaniel Holmes and Cynthia Day died in their room days later.

WASHINGTON -- Miranda Schaupp-Werner died in agony.

Her brother-in-law told Fox News she took a drink from the mini-bar, sat down to take a selfie, screamed, and collapsed. Neither her husband nor medical workers were able to revive her.

Credit: Facebook
Miranda Schaupp-Werner was on vacation with her husband. She died under similar circumstances in the same resort where Nathaniel Holmes and Cynthia Day of Prince George's County died five days later.

The same day the Pennsylvania woman died, Cynthia Day and Nathaniel Holmes of Prince George's County checked into the same hotel, the Bahia Principe on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic.

When they failed to check out as scheduled, hotel workers went to their room and found them both dead too. Dominican National Police said there was no sign of violence. An autopsy listed the cause of death in all three cases as respiratory failure and fluid build-up on the lungs.

Family members of all three are demanding answers.

A lawyer for the Day and Holmes families said he has pictures that raise new questions about what happened to them. But D.C. attorney Steven Bullock declined to offer any additional details.

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"I am in receipt of some photographs. Those photographs do suggest some things. I'm not at liberty to talk about that right now, because I don't want to put anything that's not correct out there, but we're really waiting for this toxicology report," said Bullock.

Holmes, 63, and Day, 49, had just gotten engaged. They were celebrating at the Bahia Principe Hotel on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic.

"Boat ride of a lifetime," Nathaniel Holmes wrote on Facebook, along with pictures of he and his fiance smiling, kissing, and hamming it up for the camera.

"From all accounts from the family, there is nothing untoward, just a couple that met each other and want to spend their lives together," said Bullock.

Hotel staffers found their bodies in their room when they failed to check out. A report from the National Police notes bottles of blood pressure medication in their room.

Nuestra Policía Nacional informa que la pareja de estadounidenses que fueron hallados sin vida en un hotel en San Pedro de Macorís, fallecieron ambos por insuficiencia respiratoria. Señaló

However, the family plans a second autopsy when they get Holmes' and Day's remains back on Thursday or Friday.

Bullock said there's a chance it's an overdose, but he's skeptical. "The problem is, they both would have had to have done it. It doesn't make sense. It really does not make logical sense," he said.

On Facebook, there has been an outpouring of support, sympathy for the couple  -- and suspicion of the police report. But answers will have to wait. Toxicology tests can of course take weeks or even months.