FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (WUSA9) -- Dux, the hero Spotsylvania K9 officer shot earlier this month, made an appearance on Saturday.

He and his handler were out fundraising, trying to save a 10-year-old girl who is in need of her own hero K9. Dux’s handler showed everyone the wounds. A bullet entered Dux through one portion of his back and exited another.

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"That night, K9 Dux took the ultimate sacrifice and took several bullets that were meant for our officers that night,” said the K9 team’s superior, Major Troy Skebo with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office.

He’s recuperating but still made it out to the Kars for K9’s fundraiser in Fredericksburg on Saturday, which to those passing may not have looked like much.

What they didn’t know is to Leslie McMillion, it's the difference between life and death for her daughter.

“It just makes me stay up, because she’ll stop breathing. People can die for epilepsy, they do every day and that’s my worry, that I’m going to wake up in the morning and she’s not going to be here anymore,” she told WUSA9.

“I’m really tired and I have a headache,” said Leslie’s daughter, Mia McMillion.

The 10-year-old doesn’t understand she has constant seizures but can explain what it’s like after.

Family and friends say doctors diagnosed Mia with epilepsy about two years ago. She also has severe separation anxiety. As a single parent, Leslie McMillion lives in fear. Her daughter can’t be alone.

“I don’t like for her to be in a room without us because there’s been times when she’s been in another room and I’ll walk in and she’s slumped over the chair, you now, face-down turning colors because she’s been upside down too long and I had no idea she’s was having a seizure.

There’s no warning,” said Leslie McMillion.

The Saturday fundraiser is to help Leslie and her daughter raise $25,000 for a service dog like Cooper and Jake.

Copper and Jake are two Golden Retrievers trained through a local company called, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. Both dogs are Autism dogs who comfort their five and three-year-old companions.

McMillion hopes a dog can flag someone when Mia’s having an episode because right now, there is no alert. Where two heads are better than one, here four legs make all the difference.

Back to our hero -- K9 Officer Dux is expected to return to full duty closer to Thanksgiving.

“It could be a veteran. It could be a law enforcement officer or it could be someone like Mia who is a cheerleader so they’re very knowledgeable, trained K9s who help us and every day with everything that we do,” said Major Skebo.

There are many incredible K9 services out there. McMillion chose to go through SDWR as well.

If you’d like to learn more about them, you can visit or call (540) 543-2307.

If you’d like to help Leslie and Mia reach their $25,000 goal, you can donate through Just head to the ‘Donate’ and ‘Personal Campaign’ section. You can type ‘Mia McMillion’ in the top left portion of the fundraiser search.