WASHINGTON — More than 100 activists protested outside ICE headquarters Friday, demanding an end to ICE raids and the detention centers.

It's the latest in a string of protests inspired by new images and information about conditions at the border.

"Since we are all children of immigrants, let’s not create laws that are unjust. Let’s create laws that are humane," said one advocate.

The Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights, which is comprised of 36 organizations, led the charge Friday.

Activists protest ICE
Activists with VACIR protest outside ICE headquarters.

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“The United States has historically been a country of immigrants. It’s injustice. It’s inhumane. And it’s not what America stands for," said Executive Director Monica Sarmiento. "So we came out here to really go ahead and show our numbers, show our voice to make sure that ICE and everyone in the administration knows that we’re not going to stand for this.”

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Sarmiento said the power in a rally is the visibility.

"It’s important especially for those of us who are US citizens knowing that we are here advocating for those who cannot," she said.

She said until their voices are no longer needed, they will fight on streets, in courts, and in voting booths.

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