In just a few days, a petition pushing for development in Stafford County has garnered nearly 1,500 signatures.

What was supposed to be the bustling Aquia Town Cente, is now a construction lot full of abandoned and unfinished buildings.

In 2015, Mosaic Realty purchased the 25-acre development site off of I-95 in Garrisonville. The only tenant in that development there at the time was a Rite Aid, which still stands.

Harris Teeter agreed to be the anchor store of the development. A year into the deal, the grocery store pulled out, halting all construction.

Nearly three years later, an online petition is asking the company to either finish developing the site, sell it, or at least clean it up. Organizers plan to take that petition to the Stafford County Board of Supervisors.

The developers said without an anchor store they aren't able to move forward. Mosaic Realty told WUSA9 they want to finish the project just as much as everyone else, but can't do it without finding another store to commit. It's unclear just how long that could take.

According to the developers, there is a plan to clean up the site between now and the Spring.

It's unclear if the county is able to do anything to force the developers to move forward, but residents hope the petition will bring some kind of change. The petition reads that the unfinished property leaves Stafford looking like a "poor and depressed area,"

In the petition, the organizer, Kim Fischetti, whose Aquia Harbor home backs up to the construction site, said the fact that it has been left in this condition shows that Mosaic Realty company and the Stafford County Board of Supervisors don't care about the future of the county.

An apartment complex on the site opened in 2016 with the promise of a 'live, work and play' environment. Clinton Hill even requested a corner apartment because of the promised view.

"It's disgusting. It looks like I live right next to a landfill. They took all the stuff down, started excavating, then the building stopped," Hill said.

WUSA9 reached out to Cindy Shelton, the supervisor who represents the Aquia District, but we haven't heard back yet.