WASHINGTON -- Prom night is always exciting.The pictures, the dress, the corsage, the fly suit and all the love.  

“They genuinely care for me and love and want the best for me and can't ask for nothing else," said Brandon Rapp as the room full of family members cheered and applauded.  

Rapp has worked hard to get to prom night. His mom is homeless and his foster mother Francine Stellmacher took him in. 

Stellmacher kept him focused and now he’s set to graduate Maya Angelou Public Charter School with a full scholarship to study Cyber Security and Defense at Barry University in Miami.

“I'm feeling very proud he's done some wonderful things since he's been in my home we encourage him 24/7 to make a goal," Stellmacher said.  

“They do not have a choice but to do the right thing because everywhere they look they have eyes on them,” said Rev. Loretta Houston who is part of Rapp's village that kept him off the streets.  

In the last 5 years, Rapp has participated in the Friends of 5 Mentoring Program with DC police. Instead of just coming in to get food or supplies, Rapp also volunteers at the 5D police station's backpack giveaways, turkey giveaways and parties.

So, his friends at 5D not only paid for his suit but gave him some spending cash and a police escort to Wednesday night’s prom. 

Brandon and his date Brooklyn were riding in style in a Porsche driven by Officer Hamilton with the DC Police Department. 

“I didn't expect all this to happen and I'm truly grateful,” Rapp said. Grateful for the gifts and committed to keeping his eyes on the prize.  

“I just want to go to college and get my degree and help my biological mother who needs me more than ever right now,” said Rapp, “you know on the streets get her out the streets.”  

“For him to conquer that and come up on top with a full scholarship? That's good that's a blessing,” remarked Officer Hamilton. 

“I love y'all with all my heart and I look forward to making sure everybody see me succeed and achieve my goals,” Rapp said to his family.