McLean, VA — MCLEAN, Va. -- The Washington Capitals are more than just a professional sports team. They’re a part of our community.

Three years ago, when 10-year-old Caps super-fan Bensten Schone needed them the most, they did not hesitate. WUSA9 caught up with the young fan before Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final.

“I really love these,” Schone said holding a pair of American-flag-printed sunglasses he says Nicklas Backstrom wore.

The 10-year-old is known around the DC-area as "B-Man" and he tells us when he can't stay up to watch a game, he checks the next morning.

"I either ask a parent, Alexa or Siri what the score was,” said Bensten, “And if they win. I just go and celebrate, run out, down into the kitchen from my room and yell, 'Yay, Caps won!"

"If they've won, he's in a much better mood. It's really funny. He really takes it really seriously,” said B-man’s mom, Heather Schone.

That's because he's not just cheering on a team, he's cheering on his friends - Bensten played hockey in his driveway with the Washington Capitals.

This all started on January 2015. B-man was 6 years old when he was struck by a car while sledding near his McLean home. His injuries were so bad, he was in a coma.

Bensten spent three months in the hospital, and during that time, the Caps blog, "Russian Machine Never Breaks," learned Bensten was a huge Caps fan and they shared the story.

The hashtag #Prayforbman went viral but in an even bigger surprise, the team rallied behind him.

Players sent him videos in the hospital, visited his home and even invited him to the arena (the Verizon Center at the time).

"Looking back. It's allowed us to put such a positive spin on a really tough time for him,” said mom.

Three years later, Bensten is still healing and it's gets frustrating, but he says the Caps make it all go away.

"It's amazing and yeah, I can't believe the Caps have done it and made it this far and I've just been really excited and happy,” said Bensten.

To his friends, he says, “Good luck. I think you can win the Cup this year. It's going to be hard, but I know you can do it."

“Rock the red!"

One of Besten’s biggest supporters was Capitals Right Winger, Tom Wilson. Heather Schone says Wilson and her son usually talk when Bensten visits Caps practice. WUSA 9 asked for some Tom Wilson insight.

We’re told he’s a fan of lace cookies.