Some of the District's homeless population had company Tuesday night. Sleeping side by side with them on D.C. streets will be homeless advocates and volunteers.

This followed a vigil and march for those who died without a home this year.

Advocates and volunteers insisted that the homeless population is worthy of homes.

Some of them were homeless. Some of them were once homeless and some of them were just there to help.

They marched from the Luther Place Memorial Church near Logan Circle to Freedom Plaza at City Hall. They Walked in their shoes in an effort to feel what they feel by sleeping where they sleep.

On Tuesday night, in these freezing temperatures, they'll sleep side by side with the homeless.

Albert Townsend is working to bring people in out of the cold as a manager with the People For Fairness Coalition, who put on this event.

"When other issues come to the forefront very easily, homelessness is something that just is lagging far behind," said Townsend.

In 2016, homelessness in D.C. jumped 15%. Unacceptable in a city with a $13 billion budget, according to Townsend.

This year alone, nearly 50 homeless people have died on District streets, which was symbolized by an empty coffin.

On Tuesday, they might have been gone but they were not forgotten.