Married Lesbians Maria Swearingen and Sally Sarratt are the new leaders of Calvary Baptist Church.

"To outsiders this may seem like kind of a radical thing that this church welcomed us to co-pastor, but to them it was truly not a question along the way whether it was ok or not for us to come and be the pastors," said Sarratt.

That may be because this church has always been known for its progressive outlook. A small group of abolitionists founded it in 1862.

"If you follow Jesus around he is a radical and hospitable," said Sarratt. "He is not necessarily seeking out the in-crowd, but is seeking out the women and the lepers and the Good Samaritans and others so this is actually more in line with that than anyway counter to it."

The Pastors said they are committed to making a difference in the urban community especially when it comes to social justice.

"We also find ourselves deeply concerned about young adults who need welcome and haven't found it in their settings and congregations. So how do we ensure that they know that they are welcome here that's as important or even more important in this moment," said Swearingen.

The church is located in Chinatown on 8th Street at H Street.