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Here are 3 ways to slay your dating profile

Here are three things a relationship coach and certified matchmaker said you can do to your dating profile to increase your chances of landing a date

WASHINGTON -- Amari Ice, who is also known as The Prince of Hearts, is a certified matchmaker and relationship coach.

"I’m actually, according to the Matchmaking Institute, the first black gay relationship coach who is also a certified matchmaker," Ice told WUSA9.

Ice studied communications, culture, and psychology at Howard University before earning a MBA from Strayer University in marketing.

Here are three things he said you can do to your dating profile to increase your chances of landing your next date.

#1 Always and only talk about the type of partner you want.

Do not list all of the things you are not looking for.

"It’s just like a job interview application. When the description, you see all the things they are looking for in a candidate. That is exactly what you want to do," Ice said. "If you talk about the things you don’t want, the people you do want are going to look and say they are jaded. It’s a no for me."

#2 Talk about yourself.

What is your personality type? What types of things are you interested in? What are you passionate about?

"If you don’t have a language to describe yourself, definitely go take a personality test," Ice advised.

When it comes to the things that you are interested in, Ice said it helps if you get specific.

Are you a bungee jumper? Do you like to go to the movies all the time? Do you love to cook? List the things that you are really into.

#3 Make sure the pictures are clear and on point

"Friend, do not show us a picture of you through the looking glass with the reflection of your phone. Those are the worst," Ice said.

The three types of pictures you do want: 

  • Head shot.
  • Medium shot from your head to your waist.
  • Full body shot.

It helps if you take photos of you doing one of the things you mentioned you enjoy doing.

"When you tie what you say to what people see, it creates trust and increases the fascination that a potential partner will have in you," Ice concluded.

Ice outlines the secrets to finding lasting love in his bestselling book, Lasting Love at Last: The Gay Guide to Attracting the Relationship of Your Dreams.

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