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Republican running for Fairfax school board spends hours conversing with far-right Groypers

Harry Jackson says he doesn't share hate groups' antisemitic views. He spent 3 hours in Twitter Spaces complaining to group about trans rights, critical race theory.

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. — A Republican running for Fairfax County school board is under fire after a long, public conversation with a notorious white supremacist group.

Harry Jackson railed about trans rights and critical race theory (CRT) in the Twitter Spaces conversation with the far right Groypers group.

Harry Jackson dropped out of the Fairfax County school board race last summer, after he was caught on tape laughing at a child with autism performing the National Anthem at a board meeting.

"I'm trying to get my head around what I just saw," he said on the video, which is still posted on YouTube.

But now he's back in the election and facing serious questions about his nearly three-hour conversation on Twitter with the white supremacist Groypers, which is posted as "Giving Groypers a Voice."

"You don't give them hormone treatment. You certainly don't take a d--- saw and cut it off," he said at one point when asked about trans children.

Jackson, who identifies as Black, complained about Fairfax County schools, trans rights and critical race theory with the Groypers, followers of the extremist activist Nick Fuentes, who had dinner last year at Mar a Lago with Kanye West and former President Trump.

"In Fairfax, Virginia, 't's a woke hellhole, and I fight for the most part against CRT.'" Jackson said.

Jackson, the co-founder of the Coalition for TJ, complained at the school board last week about "child indoctrination." 

"The Nazis also sought to indoctrinate children," he told board members. "Back then, it was designed to instill in children a Nazi identity and loyalty to Nazism. Today, it's designed to build social justice warriors," he said.

In December, he was hanging out in a chat room with a group that's been labeled as neo-Nazis and called anti semitic by the ADL.

Activist Jennifer Litton Tidd, who says she's the mother of an autistic child and a gender queer child, sent WUSA9 the link to Jackson's Groyper conversation. 

"All the work I do is to protect my children," she said. "The homophobia, the racial comments. The sitting there for three hours entertaining people who are talking about 'the Jewish problem,'" infuriated her, she said.

Jackson backed out of a Zoom interview with WUSA9 but sent a statement saying this is "a political spin story." He says he got a surprise invitation to the group and was just listening. He says he does not agree with their views and hasn't talked to them since.

But the audio shows he clearly spoke as well as listened. And at last check, he continued to follow, on Twitter, some of the Groypers who were part of the conversation.

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