"It's a sinkhole like in Florida," said Earl Williams.

The massive sinkhole swallowed up the 4500 block of Twinbrook Road in Fairfax County Friday.

"It looks like the Grand Canyon of Twinbrook Road. It's amazing looking down into that thing how deep it is," said Cathy Gray.

Fairfax Water said it's five-to-seven-feet deep and four-car-lengths long.

The water company said a water main burst at two o'clock in the morning and then another one burst mid-morning. Water gushed out of the pipes causing the street to cave in. The utility blames the disaster on our weather - the freezing and thawing of the ground.

Gray said, "We will be alright. We are lucky no cars were parked in the street."

Williams said, "I think we are lucky the water ran down the center of the road instead of into the property lines then we might have some real problems."

Water was turned back on Friday afternoon, but the road won't be back open until at least Saturday morning.