On Wednesday night, someone attending a service inside the New Life Seventh Day Adventist Church on Muncaster Mill Road in Gaithersburg, Md. noticed a bullet hole in a window frame next to the front entrance.

When police responded, officers found casings. Police are not sure when the shooting occurred.

Then on Thursday night, just after 11, there was another shooting. No one was inside the church at the time, but there was more damage.

The glass to the front doorway was shattered and the awning was damaged. Police say even the brick on the side of the entrance was damaged.

“We can’t allow fear to stop us from doing God’s work,” said Senior Pastor David Defoe.

Saturday service is still on and so is Sunday’s community turkey giveaway.

Pastor Defoe was grateful no one was hurt in both shootings. He said moving forward for them is all about faith.

“Belief that God will do as He promised and charge his angels to come and watch over us and protect us," he said.

Police found several shell casings on the church property, even more on the road. Though no one was hurt, officers were warning nearby churches and schools Friday to watch out as detectives continue to investigate who could be behind this and why.

As for the pastor, he has words for that person.

“God loves you,” said the pastor. “We all make mistakes and if there’s some malicious intent or you’re playing around whatever it is we want you to be cognoscente of people’s safety and also to make good decisions.”