A Gaithersburg man is trying to return a 48-year-old class ring to its rightful owner with the help of WUSA9.

Nathaniel Gweh called us after seeing the gold ring shining in the street outside Shady Grove Metro back on October 30th.

"I showed my wife when I got home," said Gweh of Gaithersburg. “I said hey, I have to find a way to get it back to the owner.”

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The ring reads that it’s for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 1970. Inside, the inscription appears to read “John George Compton.”

“Of course they want it back,” said Gweh. “It was MIT in the seventies. They worked hard for that ring.”

Gweh did not buy his own college class ring. Now, a missed opportunity has put a missing ring in the hands of a Good Samaritan trying to close the loop.

“I don't want to be heralded as a hero or anything,” said Gweh. “I just want the person to get their ring back."