Fourth of July fireworks are over, but for Brandon Lewis, the fuse is still lit.

"A little angry," said Brandon Lewis. "We have everything in this house."

Fireworks are being set off on the front porches of local homes. Over the weekend, Lewis said teenagers targeted his home, and there's Ring doorbell footage to prove it.

"I'm just lucky it didn't do any damage," Lewis said. "It didn't catch fire or anything."

In the video, you can see fireworks being lit, then chucked at the door.

"Had some larger boxes that was sitting up here that I was going to cut up and put in the recycling bin," Lewis said.

In recent weeks, other firework fiends have been caught on camera dashing from the door. 

Police say its a prank, but there's nothing funny about it -- and someone can get hurt. Thankfully, these kids lit the fireworks in the front yard and not the front porch.

As for Brandon, he's thankful this wasn't worse.

"I'm just lucky it didn't do any damage," Lewis said.