FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) — Tuesday night, heavy rainfall rocked the city of Frederick. Flood waters unleashed across the area causing widespread damage and it put one little league’s season on hold.

“This right here, “ Rick Wilson said pointing at the missing infield. “That’s a truck load of dirt.”

League president Wilson knows exactly how much dirt it takes to fix the Frederick American Little League ball park. For 20 years it has been part of his life and so has flooding.

“You come through, and you think, ‘How much more can you take, you know?’” he sighed looking at the damage.

“It’s very frustrating, it’s kind of a gut punch.”

The water soaked field just part of the destruction. The chain-link fences around the park are bent over onto the ground. The bleachers are folded up like aluminum foil. But, this has nothing to do with wind. It is all from flood water.

The season is only half over, but after this storm the home games are done.

“Any of the games now we will talk to the other teams see if we can move them to their fields,” he sighed.

“It is gonna take a lot of volunteers and a lot of work.”