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Few restaurants have braille menus

Here’s something so many of us take for granted: the chance to dine in a restaurant and read the menu. But if you’re blind or have vision loss, eating out can be a challenge.

Eric Bridges estimates that only 10% of restaurants have braille menus.

Even fewer restaurants offer braille menus that are up to date, with current pricing and offerings.

"Ultimately, your sense of independence is sort of taken away," said Bridges.

Legal Seafoods was among the first restaurant groups to provide braille menus.

"Restaurants sometimes may make the assumption that they have to have as many braille menus as they do regular menus and that’s simply not the case," said Bridges.

In fact, we found the cost of creating a braille menu to be as inexpensive as $20 dollars per menu.

There are-apps that allow blind customers to access some restaurant menus, but we’re told the listings are often not complete or up to date.


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