Jody Fellows knows Falls Church well. Not only was he born in the small community, but he is the managing editor for the Falls Church News Press. That's why he realized there was something big going on in town.

"For a city that's just 2.2 miles big," Fellows said. "We have a distillery, we have our own brewery and that's impressive."

A transformation from the culinary selection of his childhood, when he said there wasn't much.

"There was a Red Lobster," Fellows laughed. "There was a 'Bob's Big Boy and a Ranch House. I remember that. And that was about the extent of it."

With these changes in mind, Fellows decided to look into the numbers. He found that the number of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) applications in the town have skyrocketed since 2010 by 46 percent. Fellows said this far exceeded neighboring cities and counties in Northern Virginia.

"I think the DC Food scene has improved dramatically over the past seven to eight years," he said. "And it does tend to trickle out to the suburbs at a slower pace. But it's definitely hit Falls Church. Falls Church is right in the middle of it."

A quick drive around town will show the growth. Just a couple blocks away from the News Press office, there's a "coming soon" sign advertising the brand new restaurant 'Liberty Barbecue.' Just a copule blocks away from that, another coming soon sign for 'Northside Social.'

Meanwhile over at a nearby shopping center, there's a "Notice Sign," advertising the approval of 'Audacious AleWorks, a new brewpub on the way. Meanwhile on South Washington Street, the brand new Falls Church Distillers is alread open for business.

"Once these upcoming restaurants open up," Fellows said. "I think that will bring not only attention, but I think as more people come in, they'll see that this is a spot."

One reason for this "Restaurant Revolution" is the population growth in town, which has jumped by 14 percent, since 2010. On top of that, many restaurant owners said they simply found Falls Church to be an easy city to work with.