A crew of Falls Church firefighters got a ‘thank you’ in the form of some BBQ, hugs, and an enthusiastic tail wag Monday.

It all started on Jan. 10 when Erika Davis’ apartment went up in flames. A balcony fire spread to her ceiling. She wasn’t home, but her beloved dog Sadie was.

“I went home and the street was blocked off and was like where's the dog where's the dog-- that was all I was concerned about,” Davis recalled.

She found Sadie, a bordie-collie mix, in the parking lot with the firefighters of Falls Church Station Six.

Firefighter Jesus Escobedo was holding a hose when he saw Sadie inside the smoky building and grabbed her. He was gone by the time Davis arrived on the scene.

On Monday, he got an eager thank you from Davis and Sadie.

“It's nice to be appreciated and nice to see that Sadie is doing good,” Escobedo said.

He and the other firefighters said they were just doing their job. Davis insists they did so much more.

“They just did more than was required. They knew she was my family. I’m so grateful,” she said. “She's my everything. It would have been a lot worse if she wasn't here. Everything else can be replaced.”

Davis is now urging all pet owners to get stickers letting firefighters and emergency responders know if there are pets inside your home.

She had one at her house, but it was on the back door.