A rare cockatoo has been rescued and reunited with its owner thanks to Fairfax County Police.

On Friday, Sol, a 17-year-old sulfur crested cockatoo was with his owner Edgar Vidaurre at a soccer game. Edgar left Sol in a tree during the game and forgot to take the bird with him.

That same day, Officer Mike Thompson with Fairfax County Police got the call for a pet bird in a tree.

"Walked up to the bird, whistled at it, flew out of the tree, came to ground and it walked up to me," said Officer Thompson.

Sol bit the officer and played in his police cruiser until animal control took over. Edgar called the animal shelter and was reunited with Sol the next day.

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He's thankful Officer Thompson had the courage to rescue his best buddy, who also happens to be his work partner. Together, Edgar and Sol make up a magician's team.