The brother of Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney died from smoke inhalation after fire broke out at his Woodbridge house Sunday morning.

James "Jimmy" Patrick Morrogh, 62, was found dead just inside his door at around 6 a.m.

"My brother's death was accidental. It probably had to do with a faulty wire in the wall that arced. He was killed attempting to escape the flames," said Ray Morrogh, the Fairfax C.A.

"My brother, he was always poor, didn't have much but he was always willing to share it with others. He was just a kind and gentle soul," said Morrogh.

Jimmy was Ray's older brother, but was much smaller. He had a tough life. Morrogh said Jimmy was bulled relentlessly by gang members in Long Island, N.Y. where they grew up.

"He was defenseless," he said.

One violent attack on Jimmy may have left him brain damaged.

"He was coming around the corner. We had all these kids who were the children of Mafiosos, formed a gang. Our dad was away with the Navy. Police brought him in and he had blood coming out of his ears. They warned us, if you do anything, they'll burn your house down," said Morrogh.

Jimmy had been a straight "A" student.

"He was never right after that. He just never came back. He was always shy and reclusive. And that always stuck with me," said Morrogh.

Those attacks on his brother encouraged him to go to law school and become a prosecutor.

"I can't stand bullies," he said.

He's never had the desire to jump into defense work to make more money.

"I wouldn't trade a minute of it," said Morrogh.

He says there are many times working on cases that he thinks back to his brother.

"Yes, frequently. I mean, I see it in the eyes of other people who've been victimized. Women and children. I still believe most people are good, but there are a few bad ones out there. I really relish the chance to try to get them off the street to protect people," he said.