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Brewery debuts Selena-themed beer in honor of the Queen of Cumbia's birthday

The "Witty Witty Plum Plum" is available for a very limited time at San Antonio's Islla St. Brewing Co.!

Here in San Antonio, it really is "anything for Selenas," and now that even includes beer.

Selena's birthday is just around the corner, and to mark the occasion, Islla St. Brewing Co. is debuting a new beer brewed in her honor.

The glittery purple "Witty Witty Plum Plum" is a wit beer flavored with plum and prickly pear - think of how a Blue Moon emphasizes its flavor with orange, the Peña brothers say.

That's the philosophy behind their small-batch brewery - pairing beers that may be out of a customer's comfort zone with the flavors and traditions of South Texas "to experience adventures and seasonal blends along with the core Tejano craft standards."

Islla St. Brewing Co. is a celebration of South Texas - down to the paint on the walls. The brothers chipped the paint off of their grandparents' house - on Islla St. in Corpus Christi - to match the color for their bar. The bar is set up like a back patio, reminiscent of their grandparents' patio. 

"Grandpa shared his love of culture and flavors from home with us from the front porch of his little blue house," the brothers write. "His garden and his cooking helped evoke comfort and create the memories we still cherish."

Selena fans looking to create their own memories with the "Witty Witty Plum Plum" have a very limited time to do so! The beer will be available from Friday, April 12 until Sunday, April 14. The nanobrewery has an ever-changing lineup of craft beers in the spirit of adventure.

Click here for more about Islla Street Brewing Co. The brewery is located at 11911 Crosswinds Way, Unit 201, San Antonio, TX 78233