FREDERICKSBURG, VA. -- Several inches of snow got dumped over parts of Stafford County, and the wintry conditions made it dangerous for some drivers.

Virginia State Police responded to more than a dozen crashes, and several drivers found themselves stranded on the side of highways.

While the snow has eased up late Sunday, it was freezing and the streets were still wet which was why emergency crews begged drivers to stay off of the roadways.

Virginia State Police warned this slushy mess plus 30-degree temperatures could be a recipe for treacherous conditions.

"Driving crazy. People just — a couple crashes," Sasha Diaz said. Diaz witnessed crashes and and drivers losing control during Sunday’s storm.

He was driving from New York to some place warmer: Miami.

"It was raining then snowing, then raining then snowing again," Diaz noticed the changing weather during his trip.

Roy Benjamin knows how quickly weather can change within a matter of miles.. He’s been driving trucks from Maine for 18 years. "This snow actually started as I was coming up by the Woodbridge exit," Benjamin recalled.

There were stretches along I-95 that were blanketed with snow and had low visibility.

"I had somebody pull right in front of me and I wouldn’t have been able to stop," Benjamin told WUSA9.

He said drivers should remember the rules of the road this winter season and be cautious driving near semi trucks. "These trucks aren’t designed to stop quick," Benjamin said. "If something happens in front of a driver, he’s going to hit the breaks and you never know what’s going to happen."

Virginia Department of Transportation crews planned to work overnight to plow and treat roads.

According to one of VDOT's Twitter accounts, workers will focus on clearing highways first and then secondary streets.