It's been a little more than three months since Democratic National Committee staff member Seth Rich was shot and killed while walking home in the District. On Monday, he was honored with a special dedication outside the DNC headquarters.

There are so many things Seth Rich is remembered for, and for one, he loved his job at the DNC.

"He was a patriot, he cared about justice and equality for all people," said Donna Brazile, the chairperson for the DNC.

"Not only did Seth travel almost exclusively on his bike, but it's a wonderful symbol of who Seth was," said another DNC staffer Pratt Wiley. "He was strong, he was vibrant, he was vigorous."

In front of the DNC headquarters where Seth so often biked to work, a plaque and bike rack were dedicated to his memory.

"It symbolizes who Seth was, he was riding for democracy and he was riding for justice," Brazile said.

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Seth was murdered on July 10 while walking home in the Bloomingdale neighborhood after leaving his girlfriend Kelsey's home. She was there for the dedication.

"I knew probably more than anyone how much this meant to him, working here with all of you," Kelsey Mulka said. "I really want you to keep your heads high and carry on this fight."

But months later, there are still no arrests. In addition to the bike rack, it was also announced that the reward for information leading to an arrest is now more than $120,000.

At least $20,000 comes from Wikileaks, while $100,000 was donated by a GOP lobbyist.

Conspiracy theories, meanwhile, continue to swirl around his death.

"We reject all of the false conspiracies and what I call ‘the sensational gossips’ around it," Brazile said.

D.C. Police maintained Seth was murdered as a result of a failed robbery.