Adrian Duane Johnson was in DC Superior Court on Wednesday facing first-degree murder charges.

He's the man accused of murdering Tricia McCauley, the D.C. actress and yoga teacher.

Disturbing details emerged about what happened when she was killed.

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Two of Tricia's friends were also there, heartbroken over the loss of their friend, and outraged over the injustice against their friend.

Greg Upwall sat in court, and when Johnson's attorney asked that he be released on bond, Upwall screamed, "He's an animal! He stole my friend!"

"I was overcome because if there was any possibility that this guy gets released again I can't live with it," said Upwall.

Understandably emotional, especially as more details about Tricia's death emerge.

Police say Johnson strangled and beat Tricia to death. Newly released court documents show Johnson told police he had sex with Tricia. Johnson said after they had sex, she was suicidal and hung herself in the car.

Prosecutors said, however, evidence suggests it was a violent, forcible sexual assault.

Johnson also told police that Tricia told him before she died, he could have all her belongings.

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Documents also show, when police arrested Johnson, Tricia was tied up and bound by the seatbelt and was hidden in the "rear folded back area of her car." When asked why Johnson drove around with Tricia in the backseat, he said he thought she was sleeping.

Heinous crimes, adding to Johnson's extensive criminal history, including a court appearance for theft on December 20th. Then, a judge released him but ordered he come back the next day for an ankle monitor. That never happened and arrest warrant was never issued.

"We have found out since this nightmare happened on Christmas day that he, the defendant, was charged with multiple crimes and allowed to walk free on our streets," said Upwall. "We feel as though the justice system is broken in this case and that we pray to God that our loss isn't something that anyone else will ever have to go through again."

DC Police Union Secretary Jimmy White agrees.

"He was wandering the streets after the 20th after he most likely should have been in jail for missing that appointment," he said.

White, who knew Tricia personally, says there was a gap in the system and Johnson fell right through it.

"Tricia's case is a very sad one but we solved it quickly on our end," said White. "We just have to hope that it's served on the prosecutor's end and the judge's end."

Johnson's next court appearance is January 13th.

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