Hundred united for a rally and vigil near the Department of Justice Saturday.

Organizers behind the Women's March on Washington want a controversial NRA video removed from the web. They said it's offensive.

"We also want an apology to the American people especially because the video created a division between the American people," said Carmen Perez, Co-Chair of the National March on Washington.

The NRA video criticizes violent protests like the ones in DC on Inauguration Day.

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Demonstrators also want the Department of Justice to indict the police officer who killed him, Philando Castile.

Demonstrator Erica Eakins said, "As my sign says due process is not a bullet. We have to be accountable for our actions and the things we do."

In the crosswalk median, NRA supporters held up signs and chanted spreading their message.

At times, people on both sides of the issues argued in the street.

DC police officers kept a close eye on everyone making sure no one turned violent.

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"The NRA promotes fear. We want sensible background checks," said protestor Joyce Smith. She traveled all the way from Cincinnati for the event.

Saturday's rally was the final stretch of a two-day event.

It began yesterday with an 18.6-mile walk that began at the NRA headquarters in Fairfax County and ended at the Department of Justice in Northwest DC. People walked for hours in extreme heat and rain.