It's not every day you see restaurant workers fight off a robber.

In this case, the robber was big guy who tried to grab the cash register at local take out restaurant. But, thanks to some tough women, He's the one who left with some bruises.

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It was a most unusual time for a robbery.

On Tuesday at 6 a.m., a man looks to be waiting patiently to place an order inside Tony's Breakfast. The take-out restaurant has been on H Street in Northeast D.C. for 15 years. It's never been robbery, until now. But that robber was unprepared for who was behind the counter.

Some very strong women.

"We were trying basically to protect each other," said Key Aimes, who was one of the four women working there at the time who beat on the head of the robber who lunged over the counter ad grabbed hold of their cash drawer.

Sandra Andino and Justine Choe held on to the drawer and smacked the man's head repeatedly.

"At the moment, it was like adrenaline. We were use doing our jobs," said Choe.

Kay Aimes jumped in to help.

"I see those two, my young girls, could get beat up by that guy. So I had to do something about it, so my instinct, you know, I just smacked him. And the other lady jumped up," said Aimes.

The guy did get away with about $30, but none of the women was hurt.

"He didn't get a chance to take the register because all four of us were holding it...Yeah! Women Power!" Aimes said.

Customers say, way to go!

"I'm glad that they did! Good for them! Kudos to the women of the world who beat off men or anybody else who tries to rob us," said Christine Hayley, a teacher who works in the area and is a regular Tony's Breakfast customer.

Police are asking for help in locating the suspect... so you recognize us, give Metropolitan Police a call at (202) 727-9099 or Text to 50411.