WASHINGTON — Saturday marks the first weekend of the Washington Auto Show. The show goes until April 14 and is held in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. It's also the largest public show in D.C.  

This year's highlights: Test drive a fleet of the latest and greatest in electric car technology.

Electric cars of the past have earned a reputation for having the handling and steering of a golf cart. That's not true anymore, advocates at the auto show said. They're giving participants the chance to feel that power for themselves.

Maryland is about to increase its electric car charging infrastructure. A local agency, EZEV, is at the show as well to help people navigate the world of electric vehicles and help find the right make and model for any lifestyle.

Another favorite feature at the show is the Jeep Camp. Drivers are on-hand to bring you over ramps on a near-vertical incline, as well as up and over stairs.

In addition to the latest models of cars, the Washington Auto Show also has historic vehicles on display. The show exhibits self-driving cars and even a full sized truck built from LEGOs.

Luxury Lane features a room full of the rarest and priciest in show. The most expensive car of all is a Rolls Royce that retails at $430,000.

In all, there's more than 600 cars at this annual show.

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