WASHINGTON -- With so much rainfall this week, there's concern about safety near trees. So, we caught up with a local arborist who explains what to look out for.

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Mark Buscaino, an arborist and executive director of Casey Trees in Washington D.C., told WUSA9 about three keys signs that a tree could be weakening and fall.

First, he says check out the color. If the tree goes from green to brown quickly, it's a problem and you should call an arborist.

Next, check out the condition of branches.

"If the limb is broken and you see wood coming out through the bark, like a whitish wood, you want to be concerned about that," Buscaino said. " That means that the structural part of the tree is being challenged," Buscaino said.

Also, pay attention to the soil around the base of the tree.

"If the soil around the tree is humped up on one side and it looks unusual, that may be a consideration, "he said."If the tree is leaning one way, you want to be concerned.

Casey Trees is a non-profit organization that restores, protects and enhances trees throughout the District.

Buscaino says the rainfall this week is great for the trees and vegetation because we've been in a drought. When asked how much rainfall is too much, he said three to four weeks.

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If you're concerned about a tree that's on city property, call 311.

If the tree is on your property, call a certified arborist.