WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — Just over three weeks ago, proud parents Justice and Liberty, the stars of DC Eagle Cam, welcomed two new eaglets into the world. Temporarily named ECC3 and ECC4 in the order that they were born, they are now looking for proper names!

A partnership between the Earth Conservation Corps and Eagles4Kids, a program started by a school district in Blair, Wisconsin after they lost their own eagle nest to a windstorm last July, made this event possible.

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With an overwhelming response from 121 classrooms from around the world contributing over 250 names, the EAC has finally narrowed it down to the Top 10. Here are the finalists:


STAR (Submitted by Nashua Elementary's 2nd Grade Class)

ALLEGIANCE (Submitted by Pointview Elementary's 2nd Grade Class)

SHANTI (Submitted by PS 159 3rd and 4th Grade Classes)

POTOMAC (Submitted by Brentwood High School's 12th Grade Class)

HONOR (Submitted by Antietam Elementary's Kindergarten Class)


PATRIOT (Submitted by Carlsbad High Schools 10th Grade Class)

COURAGE (Submitted by Bren Mar Park Elementary's 5th Grade Class)

CAPITAL (Submitted by Napoleon Elementary's "Begindergarten" Class)

ANACOSTIA (Submitted by Youth Creating Change)

PLEDGE (Submitted by Blair Elementary's 3rd Grade)

The chosen names will be announced later this month. Vote here.

Watch the eagle parents and their recently-hatched eaglets here.