WASHINGTON — On a Sunday afternoon and inside of a subway car, people witnessed something not typically seen on metro trains in D.C.

Jourdan Jones, 12, and Tarron Stewart, 13, had passengers jamming to songs they sang and played on a bucket.

“It’s a lot of people. They’re out drinking, having fun. They come back in the train, they hear us — ‘oh, my God. Do it again,’ Tarron recalled playing on trains in D.C.

The siblings got attention in the District after a video went viral on Twitter in January 2019.

The clip racked up more than 12,000 retweets and 32,000 likes, but the family is no strangers to the popularity of social media.

“I came to my mom one day. I was like, ‘mom, can we go in the train?’ She was like, ‘no,’ Tarron laughed.

However, their parents eventually gave in.

At just 7 and 8-years-old, Jourdan and Tarron performed on subway trains in New York City.

Their videos blew up and landed them on MTV.

“It’s the energy that people give— that we’re going to make it somewhere,” Jourdan explained.

“They just — they was hungry for the laughs on people’s faces — the smiles and stuff like that,” Joaquin “Yeneuro” Cropper said.

Cropper, who is Jourdan and Tarron’s father, said life took a turn when the family moved to D.C. in the summer of 2018 when his family was robbed.

“Stole money, jewelry,” Cropper said.

However, WUSA9 was unable to confirm the robbery because Cropper did not file a police report.

“We just let it go, let God — let God handle it,” he explained.

“It was like mind-blowing that people that we knew and that we trusted would take stuff from us,” Tarron told WUSA9.

Jourdan and Tarron created the GoFundMe fundraiser and started giving some of their tips to their parents.

“Just to help out our family -- to reach the goal to where we want to really be,” Tarron explained.

“Being that he was willing to help and is able to. He’s like ‘I know you need it.’ I had to put my pride to the side and say — ok. C’mon,” Cropper explained.

It was a choice to make every beat, song, and dollar mean something – not only to them – but to the people they love.

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