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Two young girls shot in DC over the summer were former schoolmates

Police have not made any arrests in Ashley's or Makiyah's cases.

An 11-year-old DC girl is recovering after being shot in the face while playing in a friend’s backyard.

A bullet hit Ashley Prentice at a 4th of July cookout in Southeast.

Two weeks later, a group of masked men killed 10-year-old Makiyah Wilson.

The two girls knew each other, previously went to the same school and were shot in their own communities.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Prentice told WUSA9. “I just thought it was a firework because it was burning. I didn’t know it was a bullet I thought I would never get hit with a bullet.”

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Prentice was still in shock about what happened to her three weeks ago.

The rising seventh-grader was at a 4th of July party off 46th Place and H Street in Southeast.

Ashley said she was in a backyard near an alley where people were shooting fireworks.

“I got shot in my mouth and it came out the side of my neck,” she recalled.

Ashley learned someone fired gunshots.

“It was burning really bad and my jaw got shattered. So, I’ve got a wire in my mouth,” she told WUSA9.

DC police found nearly 40 shell casings in the ally.

“That was sickening when I got the police report and realized how many shell casings it was,” Cynthia Bowles, who is Ashley’s mother, said.

Ashley told WUSA9, “I was sad because I was like why me. I always get good grades in school. I’m just a good girl. And I’m like why me.”

According to Ashley's mother, Cynthia Bowles, her daughter previously attended the same school as Makiyah Wilson in the school year 2016-2017.

Makiyah is the 10-year-old who was killed last week when a group of masked men were caught on video shooting into a crowd in Clay Terrace.

“It touched home for us because when we found out we were looking at the news together. It’s saddened Ashley to know that she didn’t make it. You know? She lost her life," Bowles recalled.

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“I felt really sad about how her parents could feel because if that was me, I could have been the one dead,” Ashely said.

Police have not made any arrests in Ashley’s or Makiyah’s cases.

“Nobody in their right mind would shoot a gun on 4th of July or shoot that many shell casings knowing kids are in the area,” Bowles said. “With the Makiyah situation, why would they get out and shoot all of these bullets toward a playground area? That was just uncalled for. Sickening. These guys just don’t have a heart.”

These were two young girls who, Bowles said, went to the same school.

Each of them was shot in two separate incidents, but only one of them lives to tell her story.

Ashley hoped, “the people who did it would go to jail and they need to start putting guns down and get some jobs.”

Makiyah’s funeral is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. at the House of Praise in Northeast, D.C.