Metro riders are not out of the track work woods yet. The agency just released a new, months-long plan that includes shutting down some major arteries.

Click here for the list of Metro's planned track work through March.

Here are the most notable:

1. During the Martin Luther King Day weekend, Metro will shut down the yellow line between Pentagon and L'Enfant Plaza. That closes the important yellow line bridge for inspection and fixes. Alexandria riders will be forced to take the blue line instead.

2. One more, big shutdown in Virginia, also on the yellow line. It will close Huntington and Eisenhower Ave from May 12th to the 27th. That’s ten workdays. Metro says that's a time when ridership is light.

3. That’s not all. In Maryland, the part of the red line will shut down or single-track pretty much every weekend this winter, sometimes on weeknights. Metro is trying to fill gaps in the red line tunnel. Water is seeping in which is causing fires.

Metro cautions this schedule could change if new problems pop up.