WASHINGTON — Amateurs and professionals are joining together and taking to the sky Saturday at the D.C. Cherry Blossom Kite Festival. 

Diana Mayhew, Cherry Blossom president, said organizers expect over 35,000 people to attend this year's event on the National Mall.

There will be demonstrations and competitions throughout the day. If you don’t have a kite but want to participate, free DIY kits will be available.

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Jim Cosca with Wings over Washington Kite Club, and Spence Watson, a Sports Flyer from Seattle, said participants don't have to be professionals. They've provided tips to get your kites flying high.

  • Put your back to the wind: "If you feel it in your face, you’re in the wrong place," Cosca said. With the right conditions, the kite will head up on the breeze as you release string tension. 
  • Don’t be timid: Sport Flyer Spence Watson said if the wind won’t take it for you, create the air it needs. Give the kite a solid start into the air, and keep moving until it gets going.
  • Practice: Locals can meet up with kite enthusiasts through Wings Over Washington Kite Club, often on the grounds of the Washington Monument. They meet on the first Sunday of every month of the year.

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The festival is until 4:30 p.m. Saturday, and is a family-friendly event.

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