The Stormy Daniels scandal has thrust nondisclosure agreements into the national spotlight once again. Known as NDAs, legal experts caution there are some big caveats.

So-called "hush agreements" are used to keep business secrets all the time. They can keep an employee from spilling the beans on a secret recipe. But-- taken more broadly-- they kept accusers of Harvey Weinstein from coming forward.

There's one really important part of this case. Stormy Daniels says this was a two-way or bilateral agreement, meaning that both parties had to keep the affair secret.

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Daniels says her deal with President Donald Trump is bogus. She says not only did the then-citizen Trump not sign the contract, she says the two-way secret was broken when Trump's lawyer spoke about the nitty-gritty of the deal.

"I think the best argument is that Michael Cohen talked about it and therefore the door is open," said CBS News Legal Analyst Rikki Klieman.

Some legal experts say this is one more case against non-disclosure agreements. Lawmakers are getting involved now. Just yesterday, Washington state banned NDA's from keeping sex assault victims from speaking up.