WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — Washington hockey fans got a taste of a championship this week.

Despite dropping two games to the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Stanley Cup came to town. Not for Capitals fans to keep, but to look at.

Talk about torture.

Wherever the Cup travels it has an escort. A custodian, or keeper of the Cup, who watches over it every step of the way. One of those men is Howie Burrow.

“It’s 125 years old,” Burrow said. “It’s the greatest professional sports trophy; the oldest.”

“1907, inside the bowl, was the first time a team ever put player’s names on the bowl. That started a tradition with different players names on the Cup and the shape it is now.”

Burrow has been all over the world because of the trophy.

“Each player will get to have it for a full day,” he said. “They take it back to their hometowns and get to celebrate with their communities, their families, their friends and bring it back to where it all started.”

The players usually fill the historic bowl with, well, just about anything.

“I’ve seen chicken wings, perogies, spaghetti, cereal, ice cream all things like that,” he said. “I saw a baby in it. But that was for a christening.

The cup is headed to all the playoff cities for each fan base to see.