WASHINGTON — What can be better than a snowy day on the National Mall? Oh yeah, a snowball fight in front of the Washington Monument.

It was the battle in the shadows of our nation’s monuments.

Everybody is like on army mode right now,” Danielle Benson said.

“You’ve got to be alert at all times,” Alex Gonzales warned.

Participants showed no mercy for men, women, or children.

“I took 3 headshots,” 7-year-old Juelz shouted.

Things became even more intense when a “unicorn” invaded the battlefield. At that moment, it became clear that the snow fight was just a mask over the real reason people were showed up to play.

“We got your back,” Benson said to the woman dressed in the unicorn costume. “That’s such great teamwork.”

Gonzales told WUSA9, “I just really love DC. I love all the energy.”

“It’s like a moment of unity and community,” Benson described what it was like being at the event. “You have people around you that just like you.”

Regardless of race, age, or politics, people came together without drama.

“It’s awesome that all the people from all over the city can get together and have this really awesome snowball fight,” Hunter Dyas said.

“I think a lot of people think DC isn’t really community, and it’s events like this that really bring us together — that shows that it’s not just Capitol Hill, it’s not just congress. It’s people out here that really live here,” Gonzales explained.

An act of nature brought people together in the capital of a country that appears, at times, divided.

The event was hosted by the Washington DC Snowball Fight Association.       

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