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'Small businesses are falling through the cracks' | Pandemic takes a toll on small businesses across the DMV

Many of us may notice fewer tourists visiting D.C. during the pandemic. This reality is making it challenging for some small businesses to stay open.

WASHINGTON — It has been a tough year for small businesses across the DMV who rely on the tourism industry.

Rollin' Cycles Assistant Manager, John Logan, shared what it is like to be a small business operating during the pandemic.

"We have no inventory to sell since bike parts are experiencing national and global shortages. On top of that, D.C. shut down the rental bike business leaving us with 1/3 of our traditional business being absent, so we are completely reliant on our repairs business to pay overhead and it is simply not enough," said Logan.

In addition, Logan said they have not received any support from the Government. 

"Small businesses are falling through the cracks with all this, so unless we get another stimulus package out soon, I don’t see a way back for small businesses," said Logan.

"The reason some of these big companies are not going out of business is because they have cash, they have endless amounts of cash. We don’t have cash, and no other small business does so it is just a matter of time, it’s a ticking clock," Logan added.

For more than a decade, the team at Rollin' Cycles Bicycle Shop has been located near Logan Circle and serving the community.

"We’ve been open for 12 years. We've been employed people for all of those years, paying rent all of those years and being a productive asset in the D.C. economy all of those years," said Logan.

"What tends to happen during this crisis, is that we see the economy can be stressed, we see a thinning of small businesses and competition, we see an end to competition as it was," said Logan.

Logan said if small businesses don't receive some additional support soon, it will be tough to stay open.

"We, like everyone else, we bore it. We’ve worn it for a long time and it’s been months. We need more relief aid or we will likely see small and medium enterprises closing their doors.

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D.C. is a top travel destination for tourists. However, with the pandemic hitting the tourism industry hard, many small businesses are feeling the impact.

Before the pandemic, D.C. welcomed nearly 25 million visitors. In 2020, D.C. tourism went down more than 50%, according to Destination D.C.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said the city is working to try and support local businesses during this pandemic.

Logan offers this advice for those wanting to support local stores.

"If you’re going to buy something, please go on Maps and type in what you want and see if there’s a store around you before you go to Amazon," said Logan.

To contact Rollin' Cycles Bicycle Shop, click here.

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