Police are working to figure out who hung a noose inside of the National Museum of African American History and Culture on Wednesday.

US Park Police investigators have their hands on surveillance video from inside of the museum, but a spokesperson is not saying what, if anything, the agency found.

Cameras at the National Museum of African American History and Culture may have caught a glimpse of the person police are looking for after the noose incident.

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“Sad, frightened,” Yvonne Taylor said how she felt when she heard what happened. “Unfortunately, I feel like we're all in trouble.

US Park Police refused to release any footage right now and declined to talk on camera because they are afraid of adding unwanted attention while they investigate.

“Ever since the new presidency it just seems like we're almost becoming a lawless society. I mean racism is back -- alive and well -- and hate crimes,” Taylor said.

The have been hate and race-based incidents across the country and in the DMV.

Nooses were found near schools, on college campuses, and at national museums.

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Army 2LT Richard Collins III lost his life in a deadly attack in College Park two weeks ago.

Police have reason to believe Collins may have been killed because he was black.

“This country has reached its apex,” Eddie Harris said. “It is never going to get any better, and that is disheartening.”

While some see no hope for moving past the racism they said plagues America, others have faith in a better tomorrow.