A young DNC staffer’s parents came to town on Monday to speak out and ask for help from the public with his murder case.

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It’s been just over 4 months since 27-year-old Seth Rich was murdered in Northwest, D.C. There have still not been any arrests or leads in the case.

On a cold, blustery Monday, Mary Rich soaked up the sunshine, thankful for its warmth in more ways than one.

"I'm taking the sunshine as Seth's smile today," said Mary Rich, his mother.

Mary was joined by her husband, Joel Rich, Seth’s father making a desperate plea for tips in the murder of their son.

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Also standing beside them, someone who did not know Seth, and probably did not have much in common with him: GOP lobbyist, Jack Burkman.

"He knows nothing about us, he didn't know Seth, he's a Republican. Here he is stepping up to help my son who is a Democrat," says Mary. "To see a Democratic and a Republican lobbyist here, Seth would really be pleased that this is what the country is made up of."

In addition to the $25,000 reward from D.C. Police, Burkman is offering up $100,000 of his own money to catch Seth's killer.

"When I heard the story about Seth, I couldn't help but think about my mom getting the same call Mary did." said Burkman, who is also an attorney in D.C.

This is the first time Seth's parents have been back to D.C. since their son's death. They spent the day handing out flyers in the Bloomingdale neighborhood with Burkman.

On Friday, Seth's parents teamed up with Donna Brazile to hand out flyers as well.

"That smile, when we put up these posters yesterday and I walked in his neighborhood and the gracious, wonderful smile, I know that after that smile comes the arms hugging me too," said Mary.

Seth was shot twice in the back while walking home along Flagler Place on July 10. Motive for the crime still isn't clear, robbery being one possibility, but nothing was stolen.

"I don't believe there is much evidence of a robbery," said Burkman.

"There had been other robberies in the neighborhood weeks before so he probably put together they were here for my cell phone," said Joel.

Conspiracy theories about Seth's killers, only fueled more by a GOP lobbyist's involvement. Theories he and the Rich family deny.

"You can't defend a lie, anyone who knows Seth's personality knows that's not his personality or what he believed in," said Joel.

Mary said she won't stop until Seth's killers are caught. She hopes this reward money will give someone the courage to come forward.

"There were two people involved that killed my son, he fought with them. Whoever did it, they have some bruises, and they have blood on them. If you saw anybody running in alleys, if you saw anyone coming home bruised and bloodied, please call the police."

"You've got two people that shot my son twice in the back and that's someone that will just shoot them in the back," said Mary. "Think of that. You don't want that with your children or with your family."

Burkman said he plans to fund a reenactment at the crime scene sometime in the near future, in hopes of bringing in more tips.