Shaun Heffelman is a street photographer and police officer.

Heffelman has snapped pictures all over D.C. that show people up close and personal.

“I use work to kind of inspire what I want to shoot on my own time,” he said.

Heffelman is an eight-year veteran with the DC police department and claims photography has helped him with communication.

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He tries to talk to everyone he captures through his lens.

“I really think photography has helped to talk to people on the street when I'm at work,” Heffelman explained. “A little more. Be a little more companionate.”

His photos are all black and white – from the little girl playing near the monuments, to the man who may be homeless and living in a tent on the side of the road.

“We see a lot as police officers. We look at the surroundings where everyday people might pass by the same area every day and not notice that person that has been there every day on the side of the road or that building that is falling apart,” Heffelman said.

Heffelman’s pictures are about documenting everyday life.

“You really don't know what that person -- what's going on there, but that moment that photographer captures I think is really interesting,” Heffelman said. “It would be really nice for people to stop and take a moment and be aware of the surroundings and take all of this in.”

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