WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- East Coast Grow is a locally grown comedy series about the District's marijuana industry.

“I think this seemed like a good opportunity to tell the stories of people working really hard to create a positive change,” said Amy Tasillo, the writer and director of the series.

East Coast Grow follows a group of people working in the different corners of the District's emerging pot industry.

The show tries to examine the motivations for getting into the industry and how the characters navigate.

Producer Matt Doherty has been a legalization advocate and industry insider.

“We had goals to educate as well as entertain,” Doherty said.

Doherty and Tasillo are preparing to launch the pilot. It’s a comedy about a serious and sometimes controversial issue that they say is often misunderstood.

They also attempt to tackle the issue of social justice, incarceration and inequities.

Actress Devin Nikki Thomas admits she had reservations about taking on her role until she learned more about the script and saw what it could accomplish.

“Encouraging people to think critically about a lot of things going on, whether it's incarceration, mass incarceration, whether it's disparity,” said Thomas.

“Kind of filling in that blank for people and giving them a deeper understanding of the industry, the inner workings and the struggles,” said David Johnson, another actor in the comedy series.

Thomas, Johnson, the band and most of the show’s crew are DC natives.

The creators say other movies and shows being told about DC are often not even filmed in DC.

“They're not being told by people who live here and understand what the culture is like here,” said Tasillo.