WASHINGTON — From the Navy Memorial to the White House and Gallery Place, Saturday the group "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America" set up all around downtown D.C. to discuss gun control. 

"It's been enough and it's been decades and decades of blood on our streets and pain that can be brought to somewhat of an end," said gun violence survivor Ryane Nickens. 

"We want to talk to people, raise awareness, get them to call, there's a lot of energy as you know right now," said David Connerty-Marin, one of the organizers.

Activists and survivors of gun violence are encouraging others to call their lawmakers to demand they pass tougher gun laws. 

The group's main focus right now is a bill on background checks that recently passed the House, but has yet to be brought before the Senate. 

"Go ahead and pass the red flag laws, background checks, let's just get it done," said Nickens. 

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"Congress needs to do something and most people agree with this. I mean, polls nationally have shown that most people agree with these and other laws, common sense gun laws," said Connerty-Marin.

The group says this isn't just about mass shootings, but all kinds of gun violence. 

"We know that [mass shootings are] actually a very small percentage of the gun deaths in America. Two thirds of gun deaths come from suicides, and a tremendous number come from the "ones and twos". They happen right here in D.C.," said Connerty-Marin.

They know they've got a long battle ahead, but these activists are vowing to keep fighting. 

"The NRA's kind of imploding so I think you see that the power is shifting and I think you're seeing that elected officials are seeing that as well," said Connerty-Marin.

It seems their efforts are having some effect: the House Judiciary Committee will come back early from summer recess to take up gun measures next week. 

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