WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Two firefighters reunited with a mom and her newborn son after they delivered the baby at home during an emergency call.

Loren Saravia went into labor at her home on Holmead Place NW on April 17. She didn’t think she would make it to the hospital, so her friend called 911.

Josh Wittenberg and Torrence Price heard the call at the fire station and rushed out to help Saravia. It turned out Saravia was right and the two firefighters prepared to do a delivery at the home.

“I took a look and we were going to do it right there," Wittenberg said.

Together Price and Wittenberg successfully delivered baby Christopher on Saravia’s bed. They said they went through training for this situation, but it was their first time

Torrence said they cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the baby in blankets to keep him warm. Then they brought the mother and her newborn son down to an ambulance to go to a local hospital.

“We just kinda sat there in the ambulance like alright, we just did that,” Wittenberg said.

Another challenge the group faced was not being able to communicate through words since Saravia only speaks Spanish.

She thanked both firefighters Monday at D.C. Fire and EMS Engine Company 04.

Saravia said Christopher is healthy and laughed when she said she hasn’t been sleeping very much since he was born.

Wittenberg and Price both posed for photos and did interviews, but continued to say they were “just doing our job.”