WASHINGTON — You can now walk through your next trip on Metro online, thanks to a new tool unveiled by the transit agency on Friday.

Metro just launched StationView, which resembles Google Street View for Metro stations. In fact, it works as part of Google Maps as well as WMATA’s website. 

Metro said StationView “takes customers on a virtual tour inside Metrorail stations,” underscoring the need to give riders better accessibility to navigate the system.

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“Take a ride down the escalator or elevator, go through the faregates and onto the mezzanine and platform just as if you were inside,” said a Metro statement.

"StationView is an example of how we are creating new, innovative ways to better serve our customers," said a statement by Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld. "This feature will make it easier for visitors, occasional riders, and people with special mobility needs, to plan their trip on Metro."

On Twitter, some Metro riders called the move for being unnecessary. The transit agency is in the midst of trying to increase slumping ridership numbers.

Metro said the tool is the first of its kind for any rail system in the United States. So far, there are virtual tours of six stations: Union Station, Judiciary Square, Gallery Place, Metro Center, Archives and L'Enfant Plaza. Metro expects to complete all 91 stations by the end of the year.

Want to try it? Here’s the page for Union Station. Scroll down to “StationView.” This works on computers as well as mobile devices:

Located underneath the historic Union Station, use this station for connections to Amtrak, MARC, VRE Commuter Rail, and Greyhound bus service.